I started my artist life as a painter and muralist. I found myself increasingly drawn to mixed media art, and then started using pieces of metal in my work. From there to silversmithing was an easy transition. Me and metal, we found that we worked well together. I love how it transforms from one of the hardest materials to liquid with a little nudging of well-placed flame. Also, working with metal feels like a connection to all the metalsmiths who have forged and hammered metal from the dawn of the human age. 

I was born in San Francisco, California, but grew up in Paris, France.  I lived in several countries, including Madagascar and Denmark, before moving back to San Francisco, and then finally settling in Maryland. My aesthetic has been influenced by the myriad cultures I’ve been steeped in and the environments I’ve lived in. There’s some cool and haughty Paris high fashion, some wild and imperious African landscapes, some hipster San Francisco, some Nordic ice plains, and a bit of gritty Baltimore all thrown into the hopper of my subconscious. What emerges at any given time is anyone’s guess!

To create my pieces, I work in traditional techniques such as lost wax casting, forging, soldering, and hammering. Sterling silver is my favorite material, although brass and stones also find their way into the mix. Each piece is one of a kind and takes on its own life during the creation process. I also strive to make everything affordable, because I want as many people as possible to enjoy wearing my jewelry. I hope you like wearing my pieces as much as I loved making them.