Care Instructions

I take every care to ensure that your jewelry will last a lifetime and more. But some pieces are small and delicate, so please treat them kindly. To slow the tarnishing process, don’t get them wet and protect them from perspiration. Store your jewelry away from moisture. Tarnish is inevitable and can give your pieces personality, but if you’d rather return your jewelry to its original shine, there are ways to clean it off. I will include a pro-polish™ pad with your ring and necklace purchases. This is a cellular foam pad with permanently bonded micro-abrasives that works with a light rubbing. Commercial jewelry cleaners also work quite well.

Some of my work goes through a patina/oxidation process to create the look of a weathered, well-worn piece. Please note that if you choose the dark finish, with handling and time the oxidation will wear away and leave a patina that is unique to you alone. I choose not to seal my patinas because I prefer not to add a chemical element that may affect the skin. Initially, some darkness may wear away onto the skin as the piece warms up to you. Please do not use jewelry cleaner on pieces with oxidation, or you will end up with a bright shiny piece, not the beautifully weathered look it is intended to have.