Metal Sculpture

When I’m not making jewelry, I work on metal sculptures. Sometimes real or fictional animals, like the RS chicken or the Nanosaurus.

Or my imaginary army of Zeitgeist Warriors. I started making them a couple of years ago when it seemed like the world was in a very bleak place. Wars, hurricanes, wildfires, hate, suffering seemed to be everywhere, more than usual. I felt the need to create protectors to defend us humans against these dark forces. After all, as an artist, projecting my thoughts and feelings out into the world through tangible objects is what I do!  They remind me of fetishes, which have historically been used for protection because they were believed to be imbued with supernatural powers. I make no such claims. All I know is that making them is cathartic, having them around makes me feel a little better, and the friends I’ve given them to feel the same. 

The Nanosaurus

Microscopic Mesozoic creatures that abound in the space between atoms. Made from found objects, mostly antique game tins and the pieces inside.

Warrior Queen - Fire